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Memory Café

Second Thursday of the month, 10:30-12:30am

The RCCS Memory Café is now on! If you or someone you care for has problems with memory impairment, come down to Ye Olde Cross in Ryton once a month to meet others, chat, reminisce and share a cuppa.

Contact to find out more and book a place

Funded by the Assura Community Fund

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Wendy Thomas
Wendy Thomas
7 days ago

Welcome everyone, now the RCCS Memory Café is starting! If you are a lady / gentlemen or ush familiar someone with difficulties with memory loss why not pay a visit to Ye Olde Cross in Ryton the first Monday of every month to chat and reminisce over a cup of tea. This is a great chance to have friends who will patiently explain how things work when one struggles with memory, and for those interested in psychology one can even buy psychology essay that offers a lot of information regarding this matter.


Sophia Kalvin
Sophia Kalvin

This appears to be a perfect chance for different people that face the problem of memory loss to discuss it together. Next time, I would sure love to be coming to Ye Olde Cross in Ryton for the event. As a side bar, it is something that I would like to explore and elaborate on as to explain how duty of care relates to duty of candour particularly in the caregiving context. Duty of care pertains to the well-being of others that a professional takes care of, whereas duty of candour embraces openness, especially when things are awry. The two principles are essential when it comes to the promotion of trust and delivery of quality care to the patients with…

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