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Become a Member

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to become a member of RCCS and own a part of your community pub.

Since our initial share offers, you are now able to apply by purchasing at least one community share (£20 each)

people sitting at tables for a church hall meeting

Benefits of Membership

- own a part of your very own community pub

- have a say in how your pub should benefit the community

- attend and take part in Members Meetings

- vote in Members Meetings (one member, one vote)

- take part in elections and stand for election to the Management Committee

What you need to know

- Investment in your community pub is not guaranteed though the amount you invest is the extent of your liability.

- Shares cannot be sold or traded. Their value remains constant.

- We aim to pay interest on shares in the future to members who invest more than £500.

- You will be able to request withdrawal of your shares after September 2022.

Once you have submitted your application, please make payment via BACS using your name as a reference. We will get in touch to confirm receipt and membership

A/C number 22571268

Sort Code: 30-97-77

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