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Memory Cafe - Funding Awarded

We are currently working on a project to create a Memory Café in Ye Olde Cross. The aim is to provide a space for people in our community with dementia and their carers - a welcoming place to connect and feel supported. Dementia can be an isolating experience for people living with a long-term degenerative condition and and has a huge impact on them and their families. As a community pub, we strongly believe in including all members of our community regardless of their circumstances or any illness or disability. We want to offer support and opportunity for social contact to those who might otherwise be met with challenges to doing so in other settings.

At RCCS, we are really very excited about the prospect of the Memory Café and think that this is a key example of how Ye Olde Cross is very much More Than A Pub and can be a business with a wide-reaching positive effect on our community. Look forward to hearing more about how it develops in the coming months.

October 2021 - After a lot of hard work from our volunteers, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant of £4,820 to support the development of this brilliant community project! Well done to everyone involved in this! Thank you to the Assura Community Fund for awarding this grant and helping to contribute to supporting those with dementia in our community.

If you would like to find out more about the Memory Cafe or get involved in developing it, get in touch at

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