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Whisky Club

Come along to the Whisky Club every second Wednesday of the month at 19:30 in the upstairs function room of Ye Olde Cross for a fun evening of chat and all things whisky.

Forthcoming sessions for your diaries:

  • Wednesday 9 March, 7.30, Cross Function Room – theme: One Distillery, Four Expressions

  • Wednesday 13 April, 7.30, Cross Function Room – theme: Blended Scotch

  • Wednesday 11 May, 7.30, Cross Function Room – theme: Scottish islands’ whiskies

For full details see below or contact for more information or to join the mailing list.

The purpose of the Club is to arrange social events to learn about Whisk(e)y, and have some fun. So we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we enjoy tasting, and learning about, whisk(e)y.

So there are no rules, just guidelines that can get altered at any time with collective agreement. These are

  • It’s a social event, not an academic exercise! No whisky snobs! You pay for the whisky, so drink it how you want - apart from keeping to the procedure below during tastings.

  • Sessions are monthly, on the second Wednesday of the month; at 7.30pm in (usually) the upstairs Function Room.

  • You come to whatever session(s) you want to; no obligation.

  • Cost is £15 per session, payable in cash on the night or via BACS to E A EUERS, 09-01-28 48963119.

  • Each session has a theme, determined by attendees and/or the whiskies it has been possible to source, usually through Auction sites or special offers.

  • Each session is a blind tasting of four whiskies, with me imparting what knowledge I have of the whisky/distillery involved.

The tasting comprises:

  • me pouring the four whiskies beforehand - you get 15ml of each in a Glencairn glass – a single whisky is 25ml - and you do not see the brand, bottle, or box

  • For each whisky you ‘nose’ (smell) it, taste it, and ponder the ‘finish’ (aftertaste) - and score each aspect; 0 to 3 points.

  • after you’ve tasted all four whiskies, if one stands out for you, award it an extra point. So if you taste the best whisky in the world, it will score 10 points!

If this sounds a bit complicated; it isn’t. Remember this is a social event- the scoring is just a rough and ready way of deciding which of the four whiskies we collectively like best.

And the reason for that is that Mick makes it ‘Whisky of the Month’, at a discounted price!

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